Retail Specialist

Retail Specialist

M Simpson Associates specialise in assisting distressed retail businesses by helping to identify opportunities and offering support whilst delivering improvements.

With extensive experience in the retail industry, we understand the difficulties that retailers face on a daily basis. M Simpson Associates will identify potential risks to your business and help you decide on necessary safeguards. If you are already in a difficult situation, we can help guide you back to being in control.

Case study

A client of ours faced a tough summer season due to out breaks of bird flu, mad cow disease and severe flooding. We helped them minimise the damages caused by factors that were out of their control by working hard to maximise sales and control their cash. The key was communication, planning and control as this reassured staff and suppliers at all stages.

  • Alternative sales channels kept stock turning
  • Discounts were applied to the stock that had been appropriate to the season, but was now useless with the abnormal weather conditions
  • Management of and negotiations with suppliers allowed the stock pipeline to slow down and also to work on a ‘sale or return’ basis to ease cash pressure
  • Preparations were made to ensure the team were ready to recover revenue lost as quickly as possible once things had normalised
It turned out that wellingtons were their best sellers that ‘summer’ season!


“During your time with us, you introduced strong systems into our retail business and helped rationalise the stock offering. These disciplines are very important in these challenging times for small retailers.”
Nigel Cayzer, Owner & Chairman Derby House.

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